The smelter is an structure that you can make to smelt down ores in bulk, instead of one by one in a vanilla furnace, make alloys, and pour metals into different shapes. It is constructed using seared bricks, which can be made from grout. There are several parts required to make the smelter. These parts are:

  • 1 smeltery controller
  • 1 seared tank
  • 9 seared bricks
  • Any combination of 10 seared bricks, seared tanks or drains.
  • At least 1 faucet
  • 1 casting table or basin

The resulting smeltery needs to have a 3x3 center. The result is a 5x5 structure. There is no limit to veritical height. Adding more layers adds to the capacity of the smelter, allowing more ores to be smelted at once. Once assembled, the smeltery controller should start glowing. In order to start smelting, you must add lava to the tank. Once the ores have been smelted down, There should be a lava looking liquid inside of the smeltery. To turn this molten metal into something, you must either pour it into a cast of some sort using the casting table, or, pour it into a casting basin, provided there is enough molten metal for a block. Several alloys can also be made by smelting down the correct ores or ingots. These alloys are:

  • Bronze: Made from 3 copper, 1 tin
  • Aluminum Brass: Made from 1 copper, 3 aluminum
  • Manyullyn: Made from 2 cobalt, 2 ardite
  • Alumite: Made from 5 aluminum, 2 iron, 2 obsidia

Several other things can be made from the smeltery, including:

  • Brownstone: Made with liquid tin and gravel
  • Clear Glass: Made by pouring liquid glass into a casting basin

Smelter Tutorial Patterns11:28

Smelter Tutorial Patterns

Smelter Tutorial Setup10:44

Smelter Tutorial Setup

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